Now I’ve got a PODCAST!

And who doesn't?! That's right I've launched a new podcast this week named 'The Colour Pink' - and it's all about that women stuff. I'll be joined each week by a different friend talking about our experiences as women, hoping to just have a chat and hopefully reach out to other girls and women who... Continue Reading →

Did I tell you I wrote a sitcom?

If you know me, then you'll know about Screwed. The idea came to me summer last year, of writing a sitcom about a university student falling pregnant and her and her housemates deciding to raise it. I played around the idea with my friends and eventually wrote a script for a pilot over the summer.... Continue Reading →

SRA Chart Show on DemonFM

The Student Radio Chart show is a fab little show, every Saturday 2-4, and you can tune in to all Student Radio stations to hear it. The SRA give student radio stations the chance to host it once a year, and DemonFM won the chance to host it on the 21st of January. As station... Continue Reading →

SRA Awards 2017 – I won!

In October this year, myself and a big crew of Demons headed to FlyFM in Nottingham for the annual SRA Training day, where all the midlands stations come together to listen to some fab talks from industry big wigs and the nominations party for the Student Radio Awards the following month. To cut a long... Continue Reading →

Freshers TV 2017

Those of you familiar with Student TV and NaSTAs will already know that Freshers TV is an annual live broadcast feauting student TV stations, and each year a different station hosts. DemonTV put in a great bid, meaning FreshersTV 2017 was theirs/ours to host. When they put the call out for presenters, me and my... Continue Reading →

Station Manager?! Me?

A big part of my university experience was when I joined DemonFM in my first year as a newsreader, and I was quickly appointed as News Reader, under the Head of News at the time. Hannah Rowe quickly became a sort of mentor, as I followed in her footsteps, with her encouragement, and went on... Continue Reading →

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