SRACon 2017

What a week it has been! I feel like I’ve been camping, and not the wholesome family kind.

Interviewing Stephanie Hirst and trying not to massively fangirl.

The Student Radio Association Conference was hosted by my own station DemonFM this year, and I also got to be a podcaster for the entire event! I got to interview some radio heroes, like Stephanie Hirst and James O’Brien and some other amazing and interesting people like Chris and Ant from Abrupt Audio, Rachel from SubTV and Tim John (not to be confused with Tim Johns… like I embarrsingly called him!) from Capital’s newsroom!



Interviewing at the Trade Fayre (SRA Pic) and LBC’s James O’Brien!

I absolutely loved interviewing all the people I did – but it was bloody exhausting! But it was an awesome opportunity to talk to as many people as I did, something I may not have had the balls to do if I hadn’t been carefully shoving a microphone in their faces!

My other highlight of SRACon was DemoFactor – it might be old news now but I’m still reeling from the experience. For those of you who don’t know, DemoFactor is X Factor meets BGT, but for radio demos! (That’s how I’ve been explaining it to my non radio friends and it seems to be translating well so far!). I was so desperate to get my demo pulled out, as scary and horrifying as it may be, I’d worked so hard on it and god damn it Greg James was there and I wanted him to hear it.

Being extremely serious whilst being interviewed by Shemily, and not intoxicated at all… nope.

I’m not going to go into the trauma that happened when my name did get called out (it still gives me that horrible pit in my stomach) – but it did, and holy crap it went better than I thought it ever could! I technically got 2 golden buzzers and Radio 1’s Jordan North hit it first, whilst Absolute’s Paul Sylvester had the more dramatic edge – either way – the lights went gold and I couldn’t bloody believe it! I won’t humble brag too much, but the comments were so lovely, and I think I made some awesome connections, not just with industry but with other student radio peers who were congratulating me all night (got a lot of twitter followers that night basically, haha!).

I’m guessing the judges are saying nice things at this point…

So SRACon left me walking on air, and absolutely in love with radio. As Stephanie Hirst said in her talk, you don’t fall into radio by accident – whilst I don’t fully agree, it was a very happy accident, but everything since joining and everything will be on purpose!

My next step you ask? Sleeping for a week.

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