Station Manager?! Me?

A big part of my university experience was when I joined DemonFM in my first year as a newsreader, and I was quickly appointed as News Reader, under the Head of News at the time. Hannah Rowe quickly became a sort of mentor, as I followed in her footsteps, with her encouragement, and went on to win the role of Head of News as she moved on to Station Manager.

Come to November 2016, I’d settled into my role having spent two weeks non stop in the studio training news readers, we were sat at the Student Radio Awards in London, when Hannah told me she expected me to go for Station Manager when the time came. Immediately a sense of panic came over me… Me? Station manager? I was stressed trying to keep the news going 8-6 every day, never mind running a whole station! However, as soon as the thought had been put in my mind, I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I care a lot about DemonFM, and even though I may not necessarily run a radio station for the rest of my life, I liked the idea of my wee story of rising up through the ranks, from going from almost dropping out in first year to becoming the leader of my student radio station.

So, I applied. Interviewed. And I got it!

I’m looking forward to the year ahead, and hope that I can leave a good impression as a good station manager.

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